Glossy Fashion Awards Finalist, Founder of the Year

2 min read | May 6, 2021
rewardStyle and LTK founder, Amber Venz Box, has officially been named to the Glossy Fashion Awards shortlist for the Fo...

LTK Shopping App Nominated for 2021 Webby Awards

1 min read | Apr 21, 2021
From now until May 6th, you can cast your vote at

Top-Shopped Products in March

2 min read | Apr 16, 2021
The top sold items from the month of March offer a peek into the current climate of the world as we hit the one-year ann...

Recap: rewardStyle x Walmart Take the Stage at Adweek’s virtual event: Elevate Performance Marketing

3 min read | Mar 31, 2021

The Benefits of Evergreen Spend vs. One-Off Campaigns

5 min read | Mar 18, 2021
Photo: josieldn⁠

How To Branch Out from Instagram To Improve Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

5 min read | Mar 18, 2021

Why Brands Need Micro Influencers to Reach Gen Z

4 min read | Mar 16, 2021
Photo: influencingincolor

rewardStyle Influencer Marketers Awards

6 min read | Mar 15, 2021

Top-Shopped Products in February

2 min read | Mar 11, 2021
February's top products have consumers yearning for spring but still anticipating those winter temps. It's a short trans...

Do you want be an influencer, an influencer assistant or work in the Influencer Marketing industry?

1 min read | Mar 11, 2021

LTK Named One of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies 2021

2 min read | Mar 9, 2021

The new enhanced LTK Search feature is here!

1 min read | Mar 4, 2021

How Influencers Use Video to Promote Your Products

6 min read | Mar 2, 2021
Photo: Shloka

5 Steps to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy

5 min read | Feb 15, 2021
Photo: Eleanorbarkes

Top-Shopped Products in January

2 min read | Feb 11, 2021
With 2020 and the holiday-haze in the rearview, January was a month all about one’s ‘self.’ Whether focused on fitness r...

LTK Shopping Video Shortlisted for Digiday Video and TV Awards

1 min read | Feb 11, 2021

Don’t put all your eggs in one platform! The what, where, and how of platform diversity

1 min read | Feb 9, 2021

How to Create an Effective Mood Board for Influencers

5 min read | Feb 4, 2021

The New + Improved LTK Search

3 min read | Feb 2, 2021
Introducing the newly-enhanced LTK Search feature! LTK Search is the only search engine that returns image results in th...

rewardStyle welcomes Nikki Kuritsky General Manager, Influencer Growth Platform

2 min read | Jan 25, 2021

Influencer-Driven Trend: #LTKfit

2 min read | Jan 15, 2021
Self-care and mental and physical health have been trending in the wellness space for the past few years. But coupled wi...

Top-Shopped Products in December

2 min read | Jan 13, 2021
What were the must-have items on everyone’s asking list this year? Although holiday travel took a pause during the pande...

State of the Industry Part 5: The Golden Age of Influencer Marketing

4 min read | Jan 8, 2021

Influencer-Driven Trend: NYE

1 min read | Dec 28, 2020
If you need a last-minute New Year’s Eve outfit, look no further than these nine rewardStyle influencers. As we kick 202...

Influencer-Driven Trend: Plaid

1 min read | Dec 22, 2020
As consumers head into the holidays, plaid takes its seasonal place as a wardrobe staple — scarfs, coats, flannels, you ...

State of the Industry Part 4: Video: Dominant Content Format of 2020

5 min read | Dec 18, 2020

Influencer-Driven Trend: Puffer Jackets

1 min read | Dec 16, 2020
A warm coat that seals in the heat is an essential piece to any winter wardrobe, so when it’s also fashionable, that’s j...

Top-Shopped Products in November

1 min read | Dec 9, 2020
November’s best sellers can be December’s favorite gifts. Holiday shopping may look a bit different this year, but consu...

Influencer-Driven Trend: Shearling

1 min read | Dec 8, 2020
The shearling trend is where chic meets comfort. And sherpa is often made of fleece, plush fabrics, and looped materials...

3 Minutes with Bill Bodin, rewardStyle’s Award-Winning CTO

2 min read | Dec 4, 2020

LTK Most Loved Products

2 min read | Dec 1, 2020
The results are in! We evaluated billions of products in the shopping app to compile this year’s top influ...

Black Friday x rewardStyle

2 min read | Nov 27, 2020
Black Friday has become the largest shopping holiday in America and is quickly spreading globally. It officially marks t...

Influencer-Driven Trend: #LTKshoecrush Boots & Booties

2 min read | Nov 23, 2020
Boots are an annual trend at this point — and an LTK bestseller — but these styles manage to feel brand new. As the best...

State of the Industry: The Future of Influencer Marketing

3 min read | Nov 19, 2020

Influencer-Driven Trend: The Puff Sleeve

1 min read | Nov 17, 2020
The puff sleeve has proved to be anything but a fleeting trend. Returning season after season in new iterations, this lo...

Have you booked your holiday placements yet?

1 min read | Nov 12, 2020
We're gearing up for our busiest Q4 yet! 2020 has been a year like no other, but consumers continue to turn to influence...

Influencer-Driven Trend: Camel Coat

1 min read | Nov 9, 2020
The camel coat is a timeless wardrobe essential. An item that proves never to date, even as 2020 continues to endure on....

Top-Shopped Products in October

1 min read | Nov 6, 2020
Fall fashion is in full force, and rewardStyle’s top selling items of the month have confirmed that this year is all abo...

State of the Industry: The Environmental Impact on Influencer Marketing in 2020

6 min read | Nov 5, 2020

Influencer-Driven Trend: #LTKworkwear

1 min read | Nov 2, 2020
After months of hopping onto Zoom meetings with the same old rotation of sweatshirts on — and the camera off — it’s high...

Discover These TikTok Influencers

2 min read | Oct 28, 2020
After seeing exponential growth over the past year, TikTok stars are now the latest generation of influencers who are ca...

Influencer-Driven Trend: Leather

1 min read | Oct 26, 2020
  Leather and faux iterations have been a staple fabric in designs and fashion house runways for the last several season...

State of the Industry: Influencer Marketing Acceleration into 2021

7 min read | Oct 22, 2020

Influencer-Driven Trend: Sunglasses

1 min read | Oct 19, 2020
  A pair of sunglasses can be the ultimate accessory to complete a look—especially when combined with a face mask. Sungl...

Discover These LGBTQ Influencers

1 min read | Oct 12, 2020
LGBTQ+ influencers are trusted trendsetters across many consumer groups and bring an unrivaled authenticity and perspect...

Top-Shopped Products in September

1 min read | Oct 6, 2020
September marks the official start of fall, and with those first crisp, cool-weather days comes a new wave of seasonal s...

Maximise Your Influencer Marketing Strategy This Black Friday + Cyber Week

1 min read | Oct 1, 2020
In 2020, rewardStyle brand revenue is predicted to grow a +45% YoY across EMEA this Cyber Week. With consumers shifting ...

Influencer-Driven Trend: #LTKbeauty

1 min read | Sep 28, 2020
Beauty and skincare have been top trending categories over the past six months. Before COVID-19, only abou...

Discover These 9 Petite Influencers

1 min read | Sep 24, 2020
Consumers follow influencers for many reasons, but a huge draw is connecting with and trusting an influencer’s style and...

Influencer-Driven Trend: #LTKfit

1 min read | Sep 21, 2020
Some may say the rise in popularity of athleisure and trendy workout looks coincides with the rise of influencers, and h...

Why You Need an Expert in Influencer Marketing Management

5 min read | Sep 17, 2020

Influencer-Driven Trend: Kitchen Refresh

1 min read | Sep 15, 2020
While we’ve all racked up more hours indoors these last six months, it is no surprise that consumers are looking to give...

rewardStyle Welcomes Catherine “Kit” Ulrich as New General Manager of

3 min read | Sep 14, 2020

Influencer-Driven Trend: Graphic Tops

1 min read | Sep 11, 2020
Trends may change, but never underestimate the power of a good basic tee. Beloved by influencers and shoppers alike, the...

Exclusive Insights from rStheCon—the Biggest Influencer Event of the Year

3 min read | Sep 10, 2020

Fall Trend Report

4 min read | Sep 9, 2020

Labor Day Sales Are 🔥

1 min read | Sep 3, 2020

Top-Shopped Products in August

1 min read | Sep 1, 2020
The influencer is determining consumer purchasing habits now more than ever before. Even as shoppers continue to adjust ...

Influencer-Driven Trend: End of #LTKsummer Prints

1 min read | Aug 31, 2020
While this summer may have been lacking in wanderlust-inducing travel imagery, influencers showed no shortage in new con...

In-App Tracking—Why It Matters And Where To Start

3 min read | Aug 27, 2020

Discover These 9 Beauty Influencers

1 min read | Aug 27, 2020
The beauty category — think make-up tutorials, product reviews, and skincare routines — is synonymous with influence. Be...

Influencer-Driven Trend: Loungewear

1 min read | Aug 25, 2020
Matching tracksuits, athleisure, and loungewear have become increasingly popular in recent years. Still, it is doubtful ...

Introducing, LTK Shopping Video!

2 min read | Aug 20, 2020
Introducing, LTK Shopping Video! A new way to search, discover, and shop your favorite items in the shoppi...

Influencer-Driven Trend: #LTKsummer Faves

1 min read | Aug 17, 2020
As summer starts to wind down, we wanted to highlight some of the pieces rewardStyle influencers lived in and promoted, ...

Discover These 9 Asian Influencers

1 min read | Aug 14, 2020
rewardStyle partners with thousands of influencers daily, but today we wanted to spotlight nine Asian creators who are e...

How All Departments Can Leverage Influencer Marketing

4 min read | Aug 13, 2020

Influencer-Driven Trend: Dining Rooms

1 min read | Aug 12, 2020
Between the summer heat and continued COVID-19 flares, we are spending more time confined to our homes than ever. Theref...

Top-Shopped Products in July

1 min read | Aug 11, 2020
With four out of the five top products falling in the self-care and beauty categories, it’s clear that consumers are sti...

Discover These 9 Latina Influencers

1 min read | Aug 6, 2020
rewardStyle partners with thousands of influencers daily, but today we wanted to spotlight nine Latina creators who are ...

Influencer-Driven Trend: Sneakers

1 min read | Aug 3, 2020
A closed-toe sneaker might seem like a surprising top seller during the summer months, but rewardStyle influencers have ...

Discover These 9 Male Influencers

1 min read | Jul 30, 2020
rewardStyle partners with thousands of influencers daily, and while the majority are women, today we are excited to high...

Influencer-Driven Trend: Maxi Dresses

1 min read | Jul 27, 2020
Maxi dresses are undoubtedly a summer staple, but this rewardStyle influencer-driven trend has become a top searched ite...

Discover These 9 Black Influencers

1 min read | Jul 24, 2020
rewardStyle partners with thousands of influencers daily, but today we are excited to highlight nine Black women who cre...

Best Practices On How To Be A Good Collaboration Partner

5 min read | Jul 22, 2020
Gleaned from thousands of successful campaigns at rewardStyle, discover our insider tips on building mutually beneficial...

Influencer-Driven Trend: Jumpsuits

1 min read | Jul 22, 2020
rewardStyle influencers have gained notoriety for their ability to dictate trends and sell out products in record time. ...

Top Tips When ROI is Your Primary Goal

3 min read | Jul 16, 2020
Right now, you’re likely focused on driving performance and delivering ROI from your influencer marketing campaigns — an...

Discover These 9 Plus Size Influencers

1 min read | Jul 14, 2020
rewardStyle partners with thousands of influencers daily, but today we wanted to highlight nine plus size women who are ...

Want to track clicks and sales on TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaigns? Use

2 min read | Jul 9, 2020
With over 800 million users, TikTok has become a destination for users to engage with creators from around the globe.

Top-Shopped Products in June

1 min read | Jul 8, 2020
June brought the official start of summer including both traditional moments, like Father’s Day, and new ones, like the ...

Trend alert: Influencer-driven Summer Styles for Independence Day

1 min read | Jul 2, 2020
Influencers have become the predominant drivers of seasonal trend purchases over the last decade. As we approach the pin...

Tap into the Fastest Growing Influencer Channel

1 min read | Jul 1, 2020
When looking to invest your influencer marketing dollars, tapping into demand where your content already strikes a cord ...

Why rewardStyle's New Reporting Dashboard is a Game-changer for Brands

1 min read | Jun 16, 2020
Kristi O'Brien, General Manager of US Brand Partnerships, shares the importance of our Reporting Dashboard to Brands to ...

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

3 min read | Jun 11, 2020

Introducing our Brand Reporting Dashboard

2 min read | May 26, 2020
“The first step in driving greater results with influencers is understanding how you’re doing.”  — Amber Venz Box, Co-Fo...

No Photoshoot? No Problem. Our Influencers Can Help.

1 min read | May 11, 2020
A trend you can tap into today. With travel and budget restrictions in place, brands have cancelled photoshoots and inst...

Why Invest in Influencer Marketing Now

3 min read | Apr 6, 2020
How influencer marketing can help brands during COVID-19 

Five Mistakes to Avoid With Influencer Marketing

4 min read | Mar 30, 2020
Influencer marketing is no longer a black box. In recent years, it has commanded a large and growing share of annual bud...

3 Things Brands Need to Know to Win at Influencer Marketing in 2020

4 min read | Mar 11, 2020
Exclusive Insights from rewardStyle Co-founders, Baxter Box, CEO and Amber Venz Box, President  In 2019, Influencer Mark...

What Is Influencer Marketing and Why It’s Critical to Your Marketing Strategy

2 min read | Mar 9, 2020
Top Reasons Every Brand Should Use Influencer Marketing Today  The term influencer was officially added to the dictionar...